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The Wellness Team System is our team's way of reaching out to new customers with a step by step, day by day, guide to shop and learn about the Melaleuca website and benefits.  A full 82% of shoppers at Melaleuca just shop here because it's a great place to shop.

So, why do we have a system?  After years of explaining every detail of shopping at Melaleuca and answering questions like where do I find the candles, or the mosquito spray.  How did you say I can get free products?  How many points do I need to buy in order to get the cheapest prices?  Wait, what does a point mean?  Does each point equal a dollar?  Actually, my sister is pregnant and would really like to get some of the baby stuff.  How can she shop here?

Even worse, were those people who didn't ask questions and just quit shopping at Melaleuca because they didn't get it.

The best part is that with your help and suggestions, we will attempt to have most of the basic answers here even though it is all on the Melaleuca website and most questions can be answered by calling Melaleuca.  But we all know that this is 2023, and times have changed and many people will not ask for help or pick up a phone, if there is another way.

Now, if you actually read all of this, congratulations!  You are ahead of the game.  Of course, the person who invited you to become a member of Melaleuca is almost always there to help if you need it, or you can call Melaleuca, if you are the type to still use a phone.

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This is Simple, Customers Click on the New Customer Page!

However, before you move to DAY 1,  the New Customer Page and the various steps presented for your success,  please understand that  A DAY is not a 24 hour day.  A DAY is however long it takes for you to complete the tasks. Depending on your schedule, a day may take a week, or even a month. Our advice is to set a schedule and follow the steps for each day.  This will take less time than going to the grocery store.  We've GOT You!

All Customers - Start Here

Melaleuca Building Business Online

There is also a continued step by step process for those who would like to build a Melaleuca business in order to receive repeat income of $100 a month, $500 a month, or $1000 or more.  However, we know it is never about the money, it's about what the money will do to enhance your life. 

The best part is that you do not ever have to explain anything to your sister, friend, mother, daughter, etc. who want to shop at Melaleuca.  You can follow the simple steps on the Refer New Customers Page to help them become a member and then give them this website so they can learn how to make some extra income by themselves.

As a knowledgeable customer and you're ready to build a business, Click Here.  By the way, there is no charge to build a profitable business and you do not need to buy anything extra.  'Just become a professional "inviter" to others and invite them to listen to an overview.

 Before You Begin . . .

Since this page is for Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, customers only, log into your Melaleuca.com website before you begin.  Most of the links will only work if you are logged into your Melaleuca account. 

If you do not have a Melaleuca account, you can request the information by putting your contact information below or contact whoever gave you this web information.  If you ended up here by accident, click on this link and make your request.

Preferred customers who shop monthly will find this site to be something new.  We are working hard to provide you with information that will be helpful.  Please let your enroller in Melaleuca know what else would be helpful.

Haven't shopped for a while?  No problem.  You are most likely a regular Melaleuca customer and all you need to do is log in to Melaleuca.com.  If you have forgotten your password, simply click on "Forgot Password" and create a new one.  You can activate your preferred customer account, shop as a regular customer and pay retail, or just look at the website. 

Day 2 - Refer New Customers 

Explained and linked to the Refer New Customers Page IF You are One of the 18% Who Would Like to Earn a Thank You Check Each Month.     

Step 1 Text BIZ to 661-344-4043 to receive updates for those who are also considering  referring new customers and receiving Thank You Checks from Melaleuca.

Step 2 Strategy Session in person or on Video

Step 3 Download First Steps for Warm Market on Facebook page, Get Started NOW.

Step 4 Write out YOUR WHY and post in 5 places (Your computer, mirror, car, & 2 more)

Step 5 Contact 10 friends & family to share Melaleuca*   (If this scares you, let's put it on hold for now and use attraction marketing on social media to begin.)

Step 6 Become a professional Appointment setter to one of our Team Overviews on Zoom on Tues. & Thurs. at 5:30 pm Pacific; 6:30 pm Mountain; 7:30 pm Central; and 8:30 pm Eastern in the USA and Canada.

Step 7 Add Google Calendar.  Then go to "Other Calendars" , click the "+" to add a calendar.  Type in Wellness 12 Team Calendar.  Sandie Siemens will add you to the calendar and You will now see all of the Overviews and Team Events by our team.  

Step 8 Find "Team Overview" on the calendar and Listen to this Team overview LIVE on Zoom  Use this link:  http://livewellnow.today/  with a password of 13579